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Page 1 of 3. Advertisements I have some fairly strange religious views, basically esoteric Paganism - would this be a dealbreaker for the ladies?

What Not To Say When You Meet Someone Who Is Pagan

State of Transition 72, posts, read 64,, times Reputation: Originally Posted by Kenneth-Kaunda I have some fairly strange religious views, basically esoteric Paganism - would this be a dealbreaker for the ladies? Don't know much about it but I don't think it's a deal breaker. The New England part of Ohio 17, posts, read 21,, times Reputation: Copenhagen, Denmark 9, posts, read 8,, times Reputation: I'm sure you'll find a nice christian girl if you keep looking.

Originally Posted by mainebrokerman i might avoid trying to meet a catholic girl at church,, a lot of paganism in our culture,, most people dont realize it.. The gods love to work this way. Trust me, this just might work. That's a really good idea Aine! I don't know why I never thought of it lol. I'll definitely have to try that out!

I remember when I first told my girlfriend I'm pagan. Bloody hell I've never been so nervious. Fortunately, she couldn't be more supportive. While she has no interest in looking into paganism - or any religion - herself, she supports me in my pagan beliefs.

So, what I'm saying is that there ARE people out there who will accept your paganism. Yes, they might be hard to find, but they are there. Best of luck and blessed be. When I met my husband, 21 years ago, he was pretty much fresh out of Catholic seminary, and was an ordained Catholic deacon. We walked around my neighborhood for hours, hashing it out; me angrily, him patiently listening to me. When we got together as a couple, there was no uncomfortable "talk" because we'd already had it when we were friends.

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He participates in Circle and ritual, if he wanted to go to church, I'd go with him. I think what I'm trying to say, is always be upfront about it from the start of anything, even if it's just a friendship. You can't start anything with the "big secret" forming a speed bump for you. Friday, December 30, Dating as a Pagan: Ok, it's no secret by now that I'm single.

While I usually don't complain about it, I know I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone. Here lately I've been dating a little bit as in going on dates with people and I'm starting to get rather frustrated with it again. I hate labeling people, and I'm all about the Coexist movement, but I have to admit I'm sick of trying to date Christian males!

The last person I went on a date with started talking about the bible to me and asked what religion I am. I, of course, believe in complete honesty so I told him I am Pagan. That brought on a pretty fun talk.

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I had to go through the standard "No I don't kill animals or babies, no I don't worship the devil, I actually don't believe in the devil," and had to go into an entire discussion about what Paganism is and isn't to me, etc. Basically we had the whole my religion is better than your religion crap. Then all of a sudden he decided to tell me that he thought I was sexy, and that it might be "unChristian" to say so but blah blah blah insert stupid plea for sex here. I looked at him and said, "Well the Goddess blessed me in lots of ways," and was going to leave it at that until he decided to start saying what he wanted to "do" to me.

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In all honesty I'm almost ready to throw my arms up in the air and give up. White flag, I surrender! I'll stay single if that means I don't have to deal with that kind of stupidity. I know it would probably be better if I found a nice Pagan guy to date or at least someone with similar ideals as me , but I have no clue where to look, or even if to look lol.

The problem I face is the town I live in has a population of around If I'm not already with someone from my town it's very doubtful that I will get with one of them now! Most are senior citizens, and others are people I went to school with and while we are friends, we are not compatible in relationships. I don't go out to the bar very often and lets face it guys, in general the bar is NOT the best place to meet someone to have a long term relationship with and I'm not sure about other ways of meeting people that don't involve me driving an hour away. So what to do? The fighter in me refuses to surrender.

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No white flag for me! But I look down the road and wonder how am I going to change my future? I don't want to be in my crone days alone with no children to carry on my legacy.